Dehli India Outreach – Helping poor children in the slums.

Several years ago while traveling with HOME International, I met a native Indian woman boarding a plane and subsequently came to support her Christian ministry in the slums of Delhi. Sarah has a heart to reach children in these slums to give them a hope and a future. She teaches them English through Bible stories, songs and scripture. Many of the families are now attending a local  house church.

Here are some of the highlights my trips:

October 2008

On returning from a recent trip to India, my mind was in overload. You cannot imagine some of the sights we saw. Filth, poverty, homeless children roaming in the streets, beggars on every corner, families struggling to survive in their broken-down shacks and so much more.  How does one process all this desperation and obvious despair? Our team visited many families in the largest slum in Delhi, leper families, run-down facilities for the mentally ill and spent over a week in one of the rescue homes for orphaned girls that I support.  The following photos will give you a glimpse into life for many in India.